Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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The American Quarter (Gary, Jono, Jimbo, Jools & Shaun (Rocks))

Scarborough 4 piece, originally with Johno (The Yellow What) though now with Shaun. Song writing: Gary Cookson, except: Track 5: Julian Owen Track 8: John Kendall Lead Vocals: Gary Cookson Backing Vocals: Jimbo Leggett and Julian Owen Lead Guitars: Shaun Church and Gary Cookson (tracks 10 and 13) Rhythm Guitars: Gary Cookson, Shaun Church and Kieran Adler Bass: Julian Owen and Jimbo Leggett (tracks 7, 9 13 & 14) Drums and Percussion: Jimbo Leggett Engineering: Kieran Adler and Gary Cookson (tracks 9 & 14) Recorded at Royal Avenue Studios and 84 Filey Road. Mixed and Mastered at Royal Avenue Studios by Kieran Adler.

Inspiration: Beach Boys, Pixies, The Lemonheads, etc...