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Delian League (Jude, Dave, Rich, Joe, Shane)

The ancient Greek confederation of nations known as the Delian League was formed in a quest for power and domination. Though the League conquered city after city in war, its policies were essentially democratic and under its rule an age of prosperity and creative expression flourished. This conceptthe marriage of power and artis the foundation upon which the New Jersey metal band Delian League is based, and the reason that the groups founders chose this obscure historical reference as a name. Because when guitarists Dave Hatfield and Rich Broadhead decided to form their first serious band after jamming together for nearly ten years, they knew that the time was right to create a fearsome entity that would conquer all in its path, but leave them wanting more. And so in 2003 Delian League was built, one member at a time. Bassist Shane Boulos was a longtime friend of Rich and Dave, who brought in an edgy, percussive bass sound that began steering the guitarists away from their initial concept of a technical thrash/death metal outfit. The addition of original drummer Chris Kaminsky complimented Shanes playing in a way that created a rhythmic monster. When vocalist Jude Andrade came into the fold, he added a unique singing style that is neither growled nor screamed, but rather is a forceful, melodic delivery equally influenced by classic metal and the thoroughly aggressive sound of todays heavy music. In this formation Delian League released the widely acclaimed three-song demo CD, Day of Question, and gigged extensively throughout the New York metropolitan area. In April 2004, Chris Kaminsky was replaced by Joe Dooling, a percussion powerhouse that had previously held the demanding role as drummer in a Tool tribute band. Now an impenetrable unit, Delian League had ten complete songs written, and set out to record its first album. It didnt take long for the band to capture the attention of Screaming Ferret Wreckords of New Hampshire, which was putting together a compilation project that was to feature Delian Leagues demo favorite, The Questioning. The band signed to the label and plans were made to release the debut Truth In Chaos via Screaming Ferret upon the records completion. The band set forth upon the long process of recording and self-producing the albums ten tracks, including all-new versions of the three demo songs. Drums were painstakingly recorded at Trax East Studios in South River, NJ with engineer Erik Kvortik, then realigned by renowned producer Detlef Brockmann at Music-Plant, Germany. Utilizing such exotic locales as Daves wifes clothes closet and Richs living room to record the guitars, bass and vocals, the tracks were laid down throughout the winter and spring of 2005. In June the band members headed down to Audiohammer Studios in Florida to work on the final mix with engineer Jason Suecoff (Trivium, God Forbid). A masterful job was done on the mastering at Sterling Sound in New York City, and the band delivered the final product to Screaming Ferret. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances arose and the band and label at this time decided to part company. Not wishing to wait another day for its music to be heard, Delian League self-released Truth In Chaos, making the CD available for fans to purchase via its website, The band is currently seeking a new label contract, and has been promoting the CD by playing numerous shows, including two stellar performances at New Jerseys Starland Ballroom, opening for national acts God Forbid and Life of Agony. More shows are being booked through the end of the year.

Inspiration: Disturbed,Fear Factory,Dark Tranquillity,Soilwork,Tool