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ceckj (maxim_shubski / P.G.)

I started making music in 2003 because mainly i was exploring some music production software and.. had nothing to do. Ceckj started as nothing; it was just a silly game that no-one played, but with a lot of consequences. Something was changing eventually and it came to point that this is really a serious project, something that you can share with somebody without a fear of being misunderstood :) Maybe that's why the best way to describe Ceckj music as some sort of intimate thing, though a little bit abstract one & very ironic. Ceckj music is sometimes made in a collage style, that's why its releases are always slightly different than live performances, played on hp laptop varying from ambient/noise up to minimal-techno, but mostly Ceckj provides us with a sensitive electronic music performed on different software and with a specific attitude. For the first time i produced very frivolous and not serious things, some of them got released on some thrashy netlabels, but after getting acquainted (more or less) with international elecronic/experimental music scene, I found my music to be good enough to start my own net/cd-r label Arterija.

Inspiration: AFX, Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Luke Vibert, Fantomas, Ren & Stimpy Show, System Shock 2, Thief