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Koruqi ()

The seeds of Koruqi were sown nearly 6 years ago when Alistair Watts (lead guitar, baldy) and Dhugal Harrison (guitar, singing, balding) united through a mutual love of music and a growing hatred of marquees. They then spent several mostly fruitless years playing with a variety of fat, hairy and deranged bassists and drummers until autumn 2002, when they met a couple of hairy deranged but quie fit musicians who they actually liked. Dhugal promptly ran away to New Zealand for 6 months. Late summer 2003, he returned to yet another, even better bassist (Joe Hancy), and a soon-to-be departing drummer. Joe took over on drums for a while, we tried playing with some more deranged bassists, and eventually met Jake who could play drums very well. So Joe bought a new bass. We're all very happy now. We played a few shows in the eastern region during spring and summer 2004, realised it was all quite fun, and decided we'd rather like to play music all of the time. So we recorded our first demo in Purple Studios, Norwich, played a couple more gigs, then went into hiding to write some more music and become tighter than a 12-metre marquee roof-tensioning wire (that's very tight!). However, the time for hibernating will soon be at an end, and we are keen to start playing to real people again. In fields. We like fields. A lot.