Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

Shit Hot Records Historical Archives

APOGEE 2 (various artists incl. Agnes Milewski, Nondescript, Gregor Gassner, Harald Edlinger, Azul Satite, Amir Abou Roumie and Robert M.K.)

Apogee 2 is a studio project in its infancy, meaning that its still in a phase of orientation and experimentation.

Inspiration: Herbie Hancock, King Crimson, Jamiroquai, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd

  • Apogee (lost in our lives)voc: Agnes Milewski bg voc: Agnes Milewski, Azul Satite g: Harald Edlinger a.o.i.: Robert M.K. additional sound design: Amir Abou Roumie
  • Ciel Artificielvoc: Azul Satite; g: Harald Edlinger; a.o.i.: Robert M.K.