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Subversive Intentions (nd dentico vocals, sampling, guitar, drum, bass, etc . . .)

Located in Brunswick, Maine, USA Subversive Intentions began in the summer of 2004 by guitarist, drummer, writer, and student nd dentico.The project began one day while rehersing for nd dentico's previous band Banshees. After being told by nieghbors to quick jamming, both nd dentico, and Banshees frontman, ryan moore turned to the computer. With a cheap bob-barkeresque microphone in hand, and sound recorder software ready, these two set down tracks full of primitive screeking, gutteral rumbling, and the crumbling of any trash they could find lying around the apartment. With these early tracks they dubbed themselves Slow Torcher and were on their way to follow in the foot steps of the brave noise pioneers that came before them. But this noise duo was doomed not to proceed when not long after the initial crappy-pleasant-st-apartment tracks were recorded ryan moore left the project and took the name with him. No hard feelings were felt on either side, and they continued to work together on the recently defunct indie garage noise band Banshees. The split left nd dentico free to do what he has wanted to for years, center a band around his politics. So out of a new found appreciation for experimental noise, and the contentions of the currnet politcal scene, Subversive Intentions was born. nd dentico went straight to work on noise tracks to match lyrics that denounced the Bush administrations crusade against civil liberties, women, the poor and working class, and his war on terror. Subversive Intentions has always used what ever was lying around to contribute his noise. The original tracks consisted mostly of crumpling chip bags, that were lying around the computer desk. Equipment used include, a standard desktop computer running windows, a crappy bob-barkeresque, microphone that came nd dentico's first computer back in 1994, Microsoft Sound Recorder, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Acid Loop, Ibanez Acoustic Guitar, Fender Acoustic Bass, Public Domain Sound files, Conga, Mini Djembe and the list continues to grow.

Inspiration: Fantomas, Melt Banana, The Melvins, Tool, Brighter Death Now, Orgy of Noise, Big City Orchestra