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I have my whole hand in a lot of different big pies. I front Radio Theatre, act up at the theatre, solo MC. I've rhyming for 7 years and released two pieces of vinyl and two CD-only EP's. I have performed everywhere from NY to LON to SCAR to SHREWS. Over the last couple of years i have held back from releasing Hip Hop and chose to put my energy in live Jazz and Funk with Freqeuncy and most recently Radio Theatre. Go and have a look and listen to Radio Theatre on Shit hot. The reason i have put me up as a solo artist as well is because i recorded a full fresh album and no money to press it up so it feels like i'm wasting a decent LP...... Here you go, fill ya boots. Also, if you would like to book me for a gig, tough shit because i only gig with Radio Theatre.

Inspiration: Gangstarr, Lyrics Born, Pharcyde, old Nas. Raps needs more!!!!!!!!!!!