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Subliminal Fear (KOJAK: words, paranoia, general lowish end fuzz. JAMES: squeals, dives, high string noise, much fast finger work. CAKE: obscene bottom end brown noise LUKE: bangs, crashes and the occasional para diddle.)

OUR HISTORY AS IT STANDS Spawned from the heart of Rotherham's dying metal scene in summer 2001. With the addition of Jim in 2002 as lead guitarist supremo. Subliminal Fear took the New Orleans sludge sound and the rock attitude to create their own homegrown brutal sonic assault. After sorting out musical differences with past guitarists, they've now been honing their craft for over 4 years, with the aid of numerous bottles of Tennessee's finest. Subliminal Fear not only impress die hard heavy metal fans but also larger touring bands ( Charger, Godsize, Mantra + Allerjen ) with their power and aggression both with the live performances and in the studio. Bad ass dirty riffs with thrash metal and hardcore is the sound what they like to call "SWAMP" metal. Equipped with mighty riffs, trippy clean parts and solos faster than your average bear thrash, Subliminal Fear create new fans wherever they play and are bound to impress. Reviewers state that "pinched harmonics herald the arrival of Subliminal Fear" -, "the UK's answer to Crowbar" - Godsize, and "a new dawn is breaking on the metal scene tonight" - After putting their latest "SWAMP" metal offering on, they received well over 400 downloads in their first week. Also with the recent success of the SNAFU BOTB, being declared outright winners, Subliminal Fear are proving no matter what the current trend, heavy metal can not be written off anymore. This is the colossal sound that is Subliminal Fear. Whiskey, Women & Weed. Subliminal Fear.

Inspiration: Whiskey, Jagermeister, weed, stoner fuzz, your mum, hating you and everything you stand for, bein cunts, Guns 'n' Roses, Bongzilla, Down, Pantera, feedback, general good time rock n roll, women. Cunt.