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utoxator (alun (guitar + vox), luzio (guitar + vox), ben (drums), dan (bass))

utoXator formed in July 2003. We had all been good friends before then, and all played the Whitby and surrounding area in various different bands, namely Alun with Loudmouth, Ben with Silencer, Dan with Piffko and Luzio with Bugg (now Tipping Reliants). Almost immediately we began writing our own songs. These early songs were arguably on the heavier side of pop punk and as the sound of the band steadily progressed a lot of these songs got left behind. (only "This Time Around" remains to this day.) As we learned to appreciate our different playing styles the sound naturally changed (and still is changing). Later song such as "light Switch" and "Jon Doe" show that our sound, all though still commercial and heavily based on a good chorus hook, started to develop and turn away from its pop punk roots. In our first year we were delighted to share the stage with some awesome bands such as Minus and THISgirl. With the new year saw the release of our debut ep "stop and listen" followed by our first tours to promote it. We shared the stage with many great bands such as Reuben, Beyond all reason, Rachel Stamp and a few more. During summer 2005 we decided to record a new free CD to give away at gigs and also help to promote the band. We have now relocated to Leeds so Ben can go to uni and Alz and Luzio can get some money, gigs are coming thick and fast so watch this space we could be coming to a town near you!! Stay tuned for bio updates Alun Davies plays: guitar and vocals uses: Marshall amps, Ibanez guitars. Luzio Loveday plays: guitar and vocals uses: Marshall amps, Gibson guitars, Ibanez Guitars. Ben Wells plays: drums uses: Tama Drums Dan 'Mosha' Myers plays: bass guitar uses: behringer amps, Gibson basses

Inspiration: KSE, Finch, Blink 182, funeral for a friend, and more.......