Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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The Sexually Molested Disabled Bouys Choir (Bin Firnass, Girac Ranishro, Jimmy one hat, Cloutmouth + 'Special' Friends)

We are a group of Mongolian fisherman, who were raised by a herd of Schnuffolophagus, and then coldly dumped in the charity clothing bin at Tesco. We soon discovered the magnificent joy involved with the Sainsbury's dogging scene (which attracts a more sophisticated, and 'up-market' clientel), and with money raised we bought wood and stone to begin crafting our own recording device. After 5 years we had travelled enough with the device and captured many strange noises, so then we settled down with a flock of seagulls, who introduced us to the elders of their little, feathery tribe. They asked us to breed a goat, with the strength of a yak, but alas, we are only humble fishermen. So, we made them some music instead.

Inspiration: The 'Cillit Bang!' advert, Pot Pourri, Cactus