Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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DAT-Machine (Yes. Three. Both mine.)

Make what you will of it all.

Inspiration: Radiohead, The Simpsons, Beatles, Bjork, Beck, Basement Jaxx, Bowie, Blur, Beach Boys,. If you discover a band beginning with B please contact me immediatlya. I will become Boris then produce them.

  • Venus is Gone (mind-altered mix)I produced and did a lot of the arrangement but this track is by This Elegant Universe. Go to their page for the (nearly) definitive version of this track (now with REAL Cello!) This is my preferred original mix Hope it's your sort of thing. If it you've got any thoughts send them across because I'll shortly be recording a gorgeous new song with them with a more multicolour arrangement.
  • A Sequin Seeped InThe music to the second sound for picture project as commissioned by the Reverend Helen Mitchell. The first section, particularly of this little music video type thingy, was made as a hymn of worship to that girl whom I love called Celia who is high-goddess of the sequin. Was going to add some nearly ultrasonic waves to the second section and get it to finish out a more satisfyingly. Never did. Probably never will. Started noticing recently how interesting elements come of not finishing off a piece even when it's to the extent of missing the opportunity to replace something hardly there with something impressive. The end of this is hardly there and I feel a sort of fondness for its sort of pathetic nature. Produces something more closely resembling this creator's nature. Good make-up requires artistry and can be beautiful, but loving a face for me is always rooted in loving the person, unadorned. love you, Celia xxx
  • PUMP fm!This turned out to be a quite long 5 minutes and there's still lots I left out. Thanks to all contributors but especially to Celia and Chris who proved an excellent source of ideas to steal. Ta very very much.
  • You've got a friend (cover)I've put this old track up because it's just really nice. Can't revel in much glory with it though. All I did was mix it and do some additional production but hope it makes you feel warm inside. Was my first fully computerised mix when I was 17 so a bit of a day-little-jonny-rode-his-bike-for-the-first-time-without-his-stabilisers sort of milestone. Has its weaknesses but thanks to Lora's lovely voice and a quality song I still like listening to it. Lora Marx - Vocals Daniel Burdett - Guitar Daniel Lavipour - Piano Jonathan Lee - Everything else
  • GluedAbout as finished as all the other things done under this crippling self doubt. Still some things in it here and there that I like. Those little pieces belong to Celia. (I sold them) chorus takes way too long to first arrive, it's my favourite bit though so if you've started you might as well finish.
  • FatalismA little interlude. Little or not, I think I might be taking up its tactics more often in future
  • Harmony's ImperativeLast track on the EP. Could have been better in places but this is the sort of thing that pushes my musical buttons.