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Hobotalk (Marc Pilley, Ali Petrie, Nick Houldsworth, Alan Cranston)

Hobotalk are a four-piece band from Scotland, playing the words and music of charismatic singer/songwriter Marc Pilley. Marc combines thought provoking, sensitive lyrics with atmospheric melodies. Marcs writing is complemented by a powerful vocal performance delivered with a sweet and haunting warmth. The Hobotalk style and sound is folk based, the songs are layered with rich vocal harmonies and supported by an uncluttered accompaniment. Comparisons to Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, The Band and Joni Mitchell have been drawn. Hobotalks second album, Notes on Sunset is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Beauty in Madness album (Virgin/Hut) and will be released in late March in the UK on Circular Records ( Notes on Sunset is an album of eleven carefully crafted songs performed in Hobotalks inimitable style and each song captures a moment or experience from the life of Marc Pilley. In the winter of 1999, Hobotalk signed to Virgin/Hut Records UK. On this label they recorded and released an E.P. (Pictures of Romance), and a full-length album (Beauty in Madness) which were both widely received with much critical acclaim. Both of these releases were extensively toured throughout the UK and Europe. Including a nationwide tour of France, TV appearances in Ireland and the UK, a UK tour supporting labelmates Gomez, and dates in the summer festival series. Notes on Sunset, the new CD album is released in the UK on the 31st of March 2005 on Circular Records.