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Elmo (Ellen Duggan)

Been writing for a few years now, and I've just finished my three years at Scabbers uni doing music tech. Hoping to continue and better my song writing in the future, now I can concentrate on what I want to. I can't really put one genre on my stuff, it depends what mood I'm in and what I'm listening to at the time. Hopefully you'll find at least one you can sing or tap along to.

Inspiration: Anyone that flies my way

  • EnjinThis is the first song I ever wrote and was recorded in my friend's front room. It is many moons old so please excuse the teenage angst-ridden lyrics!
  • PeachThis song was written in May 2005 and quickly recorded for songrwriting coursework. It was my 'in the syle of' song and Morcheeba were my inspiration. Simple but effective (I hope!)
  • HereThis one was written a few years back and developed with the Sanch guys in 2005. This is a recording from one of our practices.
  • Poll PositionThis is a song written for my long study, a short film entitled 'CLIQUE'. It's a pretty cheesy girl punk song, but I like it that way! It was written to make you think about things from different angle and have faith in yourself, you're in poll position...
  • Find meThis is the second song written for my long study film. It's not y usual writing style, but I ventured into some emotional rock to suit the scene.
  • Song sevenThis is the concluding piece of my film. It was inspired by a Hope of the States song and serves to build tension and anxiety in the concluding scene where the lead character becomes lost, confused and trips out.