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The Lesser Known (Tom Read (lead vox), Tom Fuller (lead guitar & vox), Stu Baylis (Bass), Patrick Smith (Rhythm guitar), Lee Munkton (Percussion))

The Lesser Known are a five piece rock revolution about to make waves on the British music scene. TLK formed two years ago as a small protest against the notion that you have to follow a specific genre to fit in. Rising from the murky depths of the South West, Glastonbury - the home of alternative music itself - they aim to spread a feeling across the dance floors of the UK. One that says it's OK to let yourself go, Rock and Roll's alive and well, and it's still all about the music. Bringing forth the inspired lyrics and anthemic riffs...

Inspiration: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, ACDC, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay

  • Sugar Honey
  • Curtain CallCopyright 2006 TLK. All rights reserved.
  • Taking a RideCopyright 2006 TLK. All rights reserved.
  • Hit & RunCopyright 2006 TLK. All rights reserved.
  • TonightCopyright 2006 TLK. All rights reserved.