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Lexifer Crowley ()

This'd be so much easier if everything wasn't in French... But the website seems to think that's the language I speak best. Considering how dead I killed the English language I believe it has good reason to think that. Anyway, I'm Lexifer Crowley, Lexi C, Alex, whatever. This is a page that contains a few songs/pieces I've had some part in. Due to the fact that I hate most of the stuff I write I will probably change the songs on here fairly regularly. Ooh, look, a squirrel!

Inspiration: Everything. Ever. Even the stuff I hate. Yeah, you heard me, punk!

  • Something Pure & TrueThis is a Crush Song. Crush Songs suck, as they invariably end up being sucky and sucking. Heh.
  • Taking Back BeliefsThis was basically my attempt to write something massive, monolithic and post-metally. I dunno about the Post-Metal thing, but...
  • LacrimosaI'd been listening to Megadeth's Silent Scorn and watching Kill Bill and I decided I wanted to do a Spaghetti Western film soundtrack-y piece.
  • SilencioThis is an instrumental. YES, I KNOW IT SUCKS. SO DO YOU. It was never meant to be here. I just had space so I thought I'd fill it. Get over it.