Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

Shit Hot Records Historical Archives

Leafy Green (Tristan Pate (vocals/guitar), Tom Dearsley (bass guitar), Bekki Stott (guitar), Liz Lyon (Drums))

Imagine Ozzy osbourne and The Bassist out of Coldplay had a baby, which went on to produce Space Jazz using only a theremin and a jam sandwich. We sound nothing like this.... We formed earlier this year, in April (??) when I (Tristan) split up with my girlfriend and began writing songs. Becky helped me out with these and we worked on some guitar bits for her. We then recruited drummer Liz, a mutual friend who moved her kit into my cellar, and we began to rehearse our 4 songs with drums and the two guitars. We played without a bassist for months, getting our parts rehearsed and working together to bring the songs to life. We recorded some early demos acoustically (which we have uploaded) and I filled in on bass for some full band recordings which have sadly not been mixed yet and wont be seeing the light of day for a while. In September bassist Tom joined, evening up the lad:lass ratio and we worked with him to teach him our set, now 8 songs strong. Sorry we don't have any pictures of him on our space at present but we had our little "photoshoot" before he joined us. Trust us ladies, he is very attractive. We are currently writing, rehearsing and recording until we feel ready to play some gigs, but we will keep you posted when we have some dates for shows, as well as uploading new songs as and when we get round to recording them. Thanks for taking an interest in what we are doing!

Inspiration: The Libertines, The Beatles