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Hi peoples, thanks for checking out the page, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are? I dunno, anyways, yeh, just got some old stuff on here really, too busy recording the album at the moment, but as soon as that's done you'll all be updated :D Hope everyone enjoys listening, even if it's not normally your sort of thing heh. BOSH! Adam

Inspiration: Erm... Silverchair, Bush/Institute, Europe, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Pixies, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, InMe, 3 Doors Down, Lordi. etc... Mainly grunge/heavy metal though...

  • Unnamed The basic construct of one new song with Batery drums and no bass as of yet. Ideas appreciated :D
  • Listen To Me Recorded with Dr. Foster in 2007, played this live at an open mic once, quality.
  • DOE OK, so I haven't had time to get a drum track or bass done, especially seeing as the overdub doesn't like writing CDs, piece of arse. I'm really happy with this piece, hope you all like it too. Adam
  • Final Cut! The rerecorded version, unfortunately without any bass or mastering. Just wanted to replace the shitty vox with some a tiny bit better and add a better smoother solo :P
  • Interruption (Old Version) Heyup, this was a tune floating around in my head for a while until I decided "sod it" and got it on record, I've spent ages mixing and remixing it alongside Retribution Part 2, so it should be the best production I've done to date. Any feedback's welcome :D It's a nice slow song, and I hope it makes you cry 'cause I'm a bastard :D Thanks, Adam
  • Test-09 (Never The Same) REMASTERED! heya, I said I'd redo it and have done. Though I've only amplified and levelled most of it out so you can actually hear what's going on in the drums and stuff. I've yet to learn the wonders of effects, so this'll sound a bit raw. Hope it's better than the original :P I can't tell haha.
  • 04 - Vile Truths
  • Retribution Part 2 more kinda grunge metal. I've been power writing songs recently and this happene dot be one of 'em. I was sat listening to some Guano Apes and suddenly inspiration struck, this was the result. ---------- OK so this is the almost final version of it, I've remixed it and redone the drums so many times that my eyes are bleeding, but hell, it'll do for now. Any feedback is greatly apprecaited :D Thanks, Adam
  • 07 - Contingency
  • 08 - Test-09 (Never The Same)
  • 03 - Retribution Part 2
  • 06 - DOE
  • 01 - Intro
  • 02 - AtrophyWritten as a band song many moons a go, thought I'd put it on my album as it turned into a very personal song over the year.
  • 05 - Interruption (Feat. Amy Maher)
  • Acoustic Project Just been messing around with ideas, enjoyed writing this, basically improvising a song, enjoyed it so much however I had to stop and start drop back in, as you can hear. Enjoy.
  • Brevity This is an ancient track I decided to remix a bit, getting back into the swing of things and what not. The song's knocking on 3 years old so the vocals are terrible, but bear with 'cause I loved it for it's technicality heh.