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USandTHEM (Seb Truman - Guitars/Vocals, Lewis George - Bass/Vocals, Tom Tew - Drums/Percussion/Vocals)

USandTHEM are a 3-piece rock (if you can call us that influences of the band stretch from Art Blakey to Led Zeppelin) band consisting of Seb Truman (guitar and vocals), Lewis George (bass and vocals) and Tom Tew (drums & percussion). Theyve been together since Christmas 2003 and met at their local youth group. With the entire band coming from the same area they regularly practise to hone their musical talent and come up with new material. As chance would have it the three members of this band met one winters night when music was gracing the walls of a church hall (Seb and Lewis knew each other from school and Tom just didnt have a clue about anything (after all, he is the drummer)). Anyway, Tom sat in on drums for a rendition of The Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love and it all began there. They decided to form a band, and as they say my friends, the rest is history (there is more so do keep reading. Its only an expression!!!) The first written material debuted at school gigs and was taken with a mild applause, so we decided to record. The 4 track Raven E.P. consists of the songs Not My Problem- a high-octane cowbell extravaganza, Vertigo- written before U2s hit, so no, we didnt steal anything, Scourge- a thrash style song with a hint of blues and Pigeons and Statues- please just dont ask. Since that demo was recorded weve played many a crappy gig and developed a following at our local school and other places (and sold several CDs). Although that was nice we decided to write more material and out of that came the High Moose E.P. This time only three tracks, but the progression of song writing talent has occurred tremendously (so be expect to be wowed ladies and gentlemen). The opening track, Lowlife is a 70s rock piece (think Status Quo meeting Bob Marley and then walking off (trust me, youll understand). Next we have a blues-metal track we like to call Addicted and Afraid- starting with a mysterious view of sound, we soon get it started with a heavy riff. After about 3 or 4 minutes we get a reverberating-blues feel into a big ending (trust me, you wont be disappointed). The headlining track, if you will, goes by the name of Black and Blue. This again highlights the blues influence that the band has, but in an entirely different way. Reverb is again apparent, but so is a big chorus, something not really seen in any of the other stuff. This collection of songs went down better with our audience and some even thought they were so good we couldnt have written them (which is nice, but also sounds like they dont have much faith in us. Ah well, well pass them by on our way to the top) The recorded material, although good, is nothing in comparison with the live experience of USandTHEM. With several local gigs (from pubs to youth clubs), we never disappoint a loving crowd. With bombastic solos and improvisation which could only be compared with that of Led Zeppelin, they always managed to get new followers wherever they go. The biggest gig to date was The Swan Inn, in Crewkerne supporting Adam Lipinski. With a set of 45 minutes they were not going to disappoint anyone. That night they played the best theyve ever done and also collected many more fans (some that even wanted more, but alas, that wasnt to be). One of the most interesting was probably the Tsunami Relief gig at SCAT College. Entirely acoustic we did some different arrangements of Deep Purples Black Night and our own Vertigo and Black and Blue (also a surprise when Tom was asked to be percussive for local band The Casuals). The crowd enjoyed the softness of our acoustic set and some even found our BBC mini-site to hear our electric madness. As I said earlier USandTHEM consists of Seb, Lewis and Tom, but you need to know the truth about them. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH??? >>>Seb Truman: Playing guitar since year 4 (now in sixth-form), he has become a talented individual. He states that some of his influences are Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine. >>>Lewis George: Playing bass for a few years, Lewis has mastered playing for the song. He states his influences as The Vines, The Hives, Green Day, Weezer and Queens Of The Stone Age. >>>Tom Tew: Playing drums & percussion since year 7 (now in year 11), he can now come up with artistic beats that complement the song. He states some influences as Art Blakey, Sonic Youth, Blues Explosion, Led Zeppelin and Robert Johnson. All in all USandTHEM have had a productive few years and are looking forward to writing more material and providing live music for anyone willing to listen.

Inspiration: Queens Of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jeff Buckley, Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine (among a host of others).

  • Black and BlueBluesy rock song. Seb wrote the basis of it in the middle of the night. Hope you like it...