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Mink (Dom White)

I am Dom. I'm in a band called Evelyn ( I play the drums :) My first ever songs were written on Music 2000 for the Playstation which shifted to Music 3000 on the PS2 which some of my latest songs have been a product of. However, I decided to start a new project to write my own stuff by using my own samples. I grabbed a microphone and put them next to my drums then played each drum making myself a handy set of samples. Armed with these samples, a keyboard and Cubase, I began writing some songs which later developed into 'Nothing, it seems', 'Tsunami' (Evelyn cover) and 'Walk of the Elephumph'. With these songs, I am compiling an album by the name of 'Sentimental Value'. With no ambition of becoming famous, the Mink project is meerly a boy armed with a keyboard ready for some fun.

Inspiration: Sigur Ros, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher