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My Friend Juliet (Zeb Haynes, Sam Robinson, Rich Thorp, Mike Thorp)

The band formed in Summer 2003. Finding the band members was simple, Rich and Mike are brothers and Sam their cousin. The search for a forth member did not take long, as Zeb and Sam were old school friends. By the end of 2003, the band had played several local gigs and began to form a loyal fan base. In early 2004, My Friend Juliet were invited to play at a local festival called Spinkfest at the Scarborough Kazbah. Not only did the band get the best crowd of the day, they caught the eye of No Code Music, the venues promoters. No Code were eager to get the band back, and so My Friend Juliet were confirmed as support for Easyworld, who were touring to promote their new album kill the last romantic and top 40 single in February. Again, My Friend Juliet impressed, and were asked back to support the Futureheads in March. By this point, My Friend Juliet had established themselves as a serious up-and-coming band. Throughout 2004, My Friend Juliet gigged in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Manchester and many local towns, building on their ever-growing local and national fan base. By the end of the year, the band had won a local battle of the bands and had been filmed by the BBC recording their EP. Each member of the band has slightly different musical tastes, however, within the band there is a mutual love of bands such as Biffy Clyro, Hell is for Heroes, My Vitriol, Rival Schools etc. My Friend Juliet have just released their debut EP which has already received fantastic feedback. The band are determined to be playing gigs and spreading their music on a national scale by the end of 2005. My Friend Juilet are without doubt the most accomplished band in the area. Amazing - 90% The Vibe on the EP. Not a band to turn your nose up to! Daveit Ferris - The Mascara Story This five tracker gives a pretty good indication of just why My Friend Juliet are making quick ground. - Major success is surely imminent - Underdogzine

Inspiration: Biffy Clyro, Hell is for Heroes, My Virtiol, Rival schools, Hundred Reasons etc...