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Punx In Parkas (Carlos Brandosaurius Rex voc/guit. Pebbles backvocal/guit/organ. Clabbe F backvocals/bass. D:r Oh No drums)

P.!.P... they are de-generated from Stockholm/Sweden. Now, in march 2006, the Punx In Parkas is a MoDulated li'l combo, who comes from three totally different band;. The End (pure modrevival), Jamboree (psych-beat) & A.P.A (orginal 1977 punk)... this mounth (March 2006) they transformed from a dynamic duo to a tremelous trio so that they could play live, in order to fullfill the requests from their groving incrowd of fans. the lineup today is Carl Brandt guitar/song, Patric Bergh organ/song, Claes Fredriksson bas/song & D:r Oh No on drums... They are a coverband, tributing their favs from the mid 60's like; ol' northern soul, motown, and band as the Creation, the Action, Small Faces & the Who among others. even though they do write songs of their own is it mainly the roots thats important... During this year they are about to drop their 10 track CD including "Midnite Hour", "Makin' Time" "I Keep On Holdin' On" & more and it gonna be called "Total Modness"... Punx In Parkas (P.I.P) are a spinoff from the alcoholromantic combo De Osaligas Kapell (chapell of the unholy)if you wanna see who they are and listen to mp3's with that band please be welcome to visit their homepage at: ... The two members that's involved in this project sat in the studio one dark night together with a couple of whitvineboxes and a drummachine, suddenly they woke up and had made a recording of the ol' soulclassic "midnite hour" and on that way it was... after that it just rolled on, an they decided to do a cd under the name Punx In Parkas - Totall Modness, with new versions of classical modnumber as My Generation, Makin' Time or Whatcha Gonna Do 'bout It... they still workin' on it, the tracks added to this page is nothing but raw mixes of their nightly adventures. but as long as there are enough vine involved they gonna keep trying 'til they got the record out, at the moment they thinkin' of put it out on their own label, but a couple of indielabels in Sweden are interested in doin' something with this futuristic modernists, so we'll see what the future have to give this unorthodox modband... "

Inspiration: ol' shool mod like artwoods, creation, act!on, small faces, the Who & the mod revival with band as Secret Affair, Chords, lambrettas, makin' time, the Jam, killermeters and the punx of course all the 1977 scen in general but sex pistols specially