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Martin Luther Marley (Brad ,Erik,Zakk)

Originally Started in Brownfield Maine in 2004 by Brad Hamlin and Zack Everett who wrote acoustic songs and with a little bit of ambition became Martin Luther Marley. Later added bassist Erik Jordan(13 winters) to the band. They have relesased one cd Cliff Huxtable sells crack to kids and currentlly working on a new one as you read this.Touring all over southern Maine check out show section News march 13- The new full length MLM cd Cliff got me hooked containing 13 new tracks will be released on April 1st.Pre order your copy at and at Grants of Brownfield(Ask my man G for it he'll hook u up and say hi to Harlene)

Inspiration: Nofx,G.G allin,lagwagon,gimme gimmes,rancid,ramones,clash,rancid,chixdiggit,dead milkmen,transplants,jedi mind tricks,frank zappa,the who,vandals,real mckenzies,wizo,descendents,ted nugent,kiss,public enemy,necro,casualties,misfits