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AttikRoom (Lexifer Crowley, Wild Bill, The Face, Breally)

As the sky is overcast with the dark clouds of Nevermore, Elysia seems so distant... Blood runs fresh on the streets, homes lay ruined, and a solitary owl hoots into the endless night... "So it is foretold," the hidden ones chant, "So too shall it be." With these words the final throat is slit, the final scarlet river flows and the final movement in a game as old as the stars takes place. Power changes bloodstained hands, outdated systems are abandoned and a new day dawns on this unhallowed earth. Terra welcomes this with open arms... As do we. We are AttikRoom. We're that which lurks in the space you've never truly taken the time to explore. We're the voice in your consciousness that screams "But!" only to be silenced. We're the little speck in the painting you never noticed. And we wanna rule your whole fucking world.

Inspiration: Darkthrone, Fear Factory, Cynic, Old Man Gloom, Coal Chamber, Dream Theatre...

  • Illuminati RisingThis is a song about the Illuminati. I'm a really paranoid person... I like conspiracy theories and stuff... But anyway, yeah, it's the first song we hit everyone with. More coming soon :)