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Dan Aslet (Dan Aslet)

Not much to say really, exept im from Southampton studying music tech at Hull Uni's Scarborough Campus. My main interest is in chilled dance music, especially stuff with a hint of traditional influence chucked in. Anything merging traditional music styles with electonic styles. Enjoy my stuff and If you have any pointer, or anything to say about it, feel welcome to send me a message.

Inspiration: Ozric Tentincles, Infected Mushroom, Simon Posford...and many more

  • Crash and BurnThis is one of the more finished pieces for my album, let me know what you think!
  • Transition endsThis is the second part of the intro track to my album... the first one is far more string based and is proving to be a challenge to mix. Should get it up on the sight soon to get some feedback. Thanks to all who have taken part so far!!!
  • Over Before it's BegunI composed this for a project this year and it still needs some work. This isn't really psychadelic its more like dub. Enjoy!
  • Strawberry JamThis is just a rough studio jam
  • Blissful IgnoranceThis song was written to be played live by 'Lethargy'. I did my own version with lyrics thats slightly different from the live version, i also got Trix from Pi to sing. "Cheers Trix" Enjoy!
  • Time is Ticking Away
  • Jazz NegativesThis is just a rough mix, want to get around to doing a remix thats a bit more alive, but i cant seem to find the motivation to get off my arse and do it!
  • Falling FromThis is a little something that i'v drummed up over the last couple of months with the help of the artists mentioned in the credits, cheers guys
  • FuturesThis is another song that iv just done for a uni project. The lyrics are a bit rushed but they do the job. Cheers to Julie for putting in the time to record the vocal parts, enjoy :)
  • Piano VampThis is one of my latest songs, it's a simple idea but it seems to work well, cheers to Rowan for the drums, enjoy