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Slovo (Dave Randall)

Slovo began in the mind and then the studio of former Faithless guitarist, Dave Randall. ([url=]click here for Dave Randalls discography[/url]). Slovos debut album nommo is out now. Nommo features Icelands Emiliana Torrini, West Africas Maezah, Englands Kirsty Hawkshaw, the urban poems of AD, the drums of Max Roach, the voice of Charlie Chaplin and the words of Woody Guthrie. [i]'An adventurous and spellbinding work that fuses traditional and contemporary, political and poetic.'[/i] [b]4 Stars Q Magazine[/b] [i]'A wonderful album that is both stridently polemical and determinedly celebratory.'[/i] [b]The Sunday Times[/b] [i]'Nommo is a heartfelt and beautifully tailored portmanteau.'[/i] [b]The Daily Telegraph[/b]

  • NakbaTaken from the forthcoming Slovo album 'Todo Cambia'.
  • Hound Dogdave randall: guitars, programming hound dog taylor: spoken vocals guerrilla fighters for the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola: sung & Portuguese vocals andrew phillips: keyboards siggi baldursson: percussion sudha kheterpal: percussion The late, great Hound Dog Taylor's voice is taken from his live album 'Beware of the Dog'.
  • Weebles Falldave randall: guitars, programming emiliana torrini: vocals jenny adejayan: cello siggi baldursson: drums sudha kheterpal: percussion katja mervola: viola mike new et al: TV voices andrew phillips: string arrangement
  • Di Wengi Sanedave randall: sitar, guitar, programming max roach: intro drums + drum loop (taken from Garvey's ghost) charlie chaplin: speech anthony demore: intro rap maezah - sabine kouli, sandra mandengue & isabelle belleau: sung vocals andrew phillips: guitar, programming The sung vocals are in the languages of Togo and Cameroon. Charlie Chaplin's speech is taken from his 1940 film 'The Great Dictator'.
  • Killing Medave randall: guitars, programming kirsty hawkshaw: vocals jenny adejayan: cello katja mervola: viola jean-jacques plante: double bass sudha kheterpal: percussion andrew phillips: string arrangement