Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Mr Smith (Gav - Singer. Tom - Guitar. Jim - Guitar. Dirk - Bass. Rob - Drums.)

Q. Who are you? A. Good question. Were Mr Smith! One of those musical band thingys from the Uk. And if you like what you hear then you should check out our official website at where you'll find more free music, videos, photos, podcasts..........!! Q. When and where are you gigging? A. Go to the gigs page on to find out about the next gig! Tickets can only be bought online exclusively at our site via the safe, secure and trusted method of PayPal. Look forward to seeing you there! Q. Can I get a copy of your songs on CD? A. All of our songs are available online, and theyre Free!! If you dont have the ability to listen to music via the wonders of the interwebnet (through Realplayer or Windows Media Player; which can both be downloaded for free) then contact us at and well see if we can sort you out with a CD for a small fee! Q. What are your long term plans? A. World domination, naturally! We want to be able to make beautiful music for your enjoyment, and we want to do it full time. Thats why we all left our jobs at the end of 2004! Q. Why are parts of your website members only? A. Its mainly so we can keep tabs on whos coming to the site, the number of fans that we have, and also so you guys feel like youre really a part of whats going on. Q. Why should I sign up? A. Well, because its free, it doesnt take long and we dont ask for a load of personal information like other sites why not? When you sign-up, you get everything on the site. A private messaging service, all the songs, videos and photos, and you can post messages on our many forums. Also, you can review all the songs and videos so we can see what you like and do more of it! Soon, youll also be able to download PC desktops and mobile phone ringtones and wallpapers. Pretty good considering all we ask for is a name and an email address eh? Q. How do I sign up? A. Oh its very easy! You just need to have an email account and a name! Go to the signup page at and fill in your details. Once youve done that well send an email to the email address you provided. Then, just click the link in the email and youre a member! Q. What are you trying to achieve? A. Simply, we want to be the most popular site on the internet! This is the centre for all things Mr Smith. We hope that our fan-base will continue grow and grow (we have about 1700 now!). We will always be on the site, talking to our fans and trying to keep you all entertained! Where else do you get to chat with the members of your favourite group? Most band websites are lacking in one fundamental area, and that is input from the actual members of the band! Q. How can I help? A. Glad you asked! How about getting 10 of your mates along to our site? Thatd be a start! While youre at it, let us know if theres any venues you know of that could do with the honour of having us play. Maybe you know someone who works for a newspaper, or maybe a radio station. Basically, anything that helps promote Mr Smith to anyone that hasnt had the pleasure! Q. Why are you giving away your music for free? A. Lets just make one thing clear here. It is free! We want you to have our music, and we want you to share it with the unenlightened! Why? OK, lets say were going to charge you for it, and then you download it, copy it, shove it on Napster, burn CDs for your mates etc etc. What do we get out of it then? Not a lot of hard cash thats for certain! By giving it away, hopefully what well get is a lot of people on our website and at our gigs. Consider it a promotional tool! Q. How often is your site updated? A. Every single day! All of the band log in every day, and so do a lot of our fans. Theres always new stuff on the forums, theres new news all the time, regularly updated photos, and we keep an online diary (its called a Blog.that comes from Web Log by the way!) which keeps you up to date with the daily goings on of the band. Thats without mentioning the fact that were always sticking new material on the site like songs, videos and podcasts. The beauty of the site is that its constantly updated by the band and the fans, which keeps it interesting and worth coming back to. Q. Who are all the other members on your site and should I talk to them? A. All Mr Smith fans are people that are interested in great music! We work hard to promote the band and the site, and the majority of our fans will be well balanced (you get the occassional nutter!), like-minded individuals who you are bound to get on with. Feel free to say 'hi' via Mr Smith's own private message system, and you never know you may make some new friends! Q. How can I upload a picture of myself on your site for my fan page? A. Just use the 'My Pictures' link on your fan menu and upload up to 20 pictures to your fan page.

Inspiration: Oasis, the verve, the Beatles, R.H.C.P, U2