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The Mad Cyrils (Iccle Shaun, Ginger Bez, Crogga, Jonny Boy, Si Rock God, Iccle Baz, Standish & Lynskey)

The Mad Cyrils are nine lunatic musicians from Scarborough (England) who share a passion for the music of Shaun Ryder. Being a 'Cyril isn't about looking like the Happy Mondays or Black Grape. To be honest would anyone want to? Only kidding Shaun! It's simply about playing a set of top tunes for anyone who shares our love of the music. That's why we do it. A Mad Cyrils live show is a sublime mix of Happy Mondays and Black Grape favourites - from "Step On" and "Kinky Afro" through to "Tramazi Party" and "In The Name of The Father". If we're ever in your neck of the woods, dig out your Reni Hat and whistle, dust off those flares and come with us to re-live the heady loved up Madchester nights of the G-MEX and Hacienda. "What can you say about this band of lonies and crackpots other than magnificent, like Madness playing the Shaun Ryder songbook. Fun, accomplished, they provided bright sunny music for a bright sunny day - as the audience danced on the sands the sun dropped out of the sky and landed in the middle of the main stage - "are you up for a party?" they shouted - yes we bloody are!" was the answer. Then, all too riefly they were gone again. Were they a tribute band? Definitely not. They are a band of original loonies who happen to share a love of the words and music of Shaun Ryder."

Inspiration: Happy Mondays, Black Grape