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Jack Strange (Jack Strange)

[size=36][color=red][font=castellar][center][b][i]STRANGE[/i][/b][/center][/font][/color][/size] [size=15][color=red][quote]"Jack Strange has a unique style that is completely born from the streets of New Orleans."[/quote][/color] --[color=red]NewOrleansBands.Net[/color][/size] [size=14][b]JACK STRANGE[/b] and his music do not exist. They are works of the imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons or real music is entirely coincidental.[/size]

Inspiration: Swift Dylan Beatles Credence Blake Hawthorne Doors Stevens Moodies Melville Dickinson Eagles Elton Fitzgerald Young Simon Faulkner Browne Mellencamp O'Connor Nirvana Costello REM . . .

  • Back in New OrleansIn the days following Katrina, we believed our home near New Orleans in Kenner, Louisiana was destroyed, and we even rented a broken down house in Prairieville, Louisiana for the months ahead. The feelings of loss, longing and hope during that time produced the song "Back in New Orleans." As it turned out, our home was spared the worst, and we're back. [i]Download [b][url=]Strange Music[/url][/b] at [b][url=]SoundClick.Com[/url][/b]![/i]
  • RisingOnce the rising water destroyed the City of New Orleans, the hope has been the city will rise again better and stronger - hence the song "Rising." [i]Download [b][url=]Strange Music[/url][/b] at [b][url=]SoundClick.Com[/url][/b]![/i]
  • Death Rattle[i]Last gasp[/i] From the album [i]Ever Laughter[/i] by Strange [i]Download [b][url=]Strange Music[/url][/b] at [b][url=]SoundClick.Com[/url][/b]![/i]
  • Still Alone[i]Success is counted bitterest . . . [/i] [i]Download [b][url=]Strange Music[/url][/b] at [b][url=]SoundClick.Com[/url][/b]![/i]
  • Dead Letters[i]They're alive![/i] Photo credits for album art: Photographed by [b][url=]Greg Heine[/url][/b] Modeled by [b][url=]Staysi Lynne Vinet[/url][/b] [i]Download at [b][url=]SoundClick.Com[/url][/b]![/i]