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Lee Gillion ()

[b] [color=orange] [size=20]WWW.DARKSPIDER.CO.UK [/b] [/color] [/size] [color=orange] [size=15] Well what to say... I've been making tunes for about 7 years now and primarily use my PC as a DAW (digital audio workstation). I don't have bundles of cash, mountains of hardware or the musical ability of a young Vivaldi, so i like to fiddle with the little i've got. Thats not to say my music lacks any professional sheen, it's just letting ya know that I work on a tight budget and my tunes are already cool. Give me more money and they will get better! I enjoy all types of music and have influences from everywhere - i find the music of an era defines your memories and triggers those times of fun. Music is fun. I strive to be happy and most of the time my music reflects this in my own little way. But if you press me 9and concerning dance), I would have to say my greatest influences are: The prodigy Derek May The Chemical brothers old skool uk Novamute Recs Laurent Garnier and more... ...Boolax - there's too many! I also build websites, fiddle with art and generally like doing creative stuff. Any way download some tunes, don't be a stranger and N'joy. [/color] [/size] [color=white] [size=12] Equipment used: I make tunes from my home studio and on a tight budget - so i mainly use loads of free stuff, especially from Computer Music (CM) magazine. Cubase SL / Propellerheads Reason / Cool edit / Rebirth / AMD-64 3000 / 1gb Ram / Ozone Controller / Novation Bass Station / Alesis M1 MkII / Free VST's - the CM studio / tritium bass / Crystal / Traingle 1/2 / Free Alpha + Like my tunes, Give me money, I buy more gear, make better music - we all make money and are happy...'s simple really. [/color] [/size]

  • Party People of Clubland (shake yer arse)I went a little old skool with this one. A faster moving break with a 303 twist that flows!
  • DistortureA rythmic pusalting break and nice bass with subtle distortion - nice
  • It's gona a Bit?A mellow little number with a nice little reggae twist at the end - i used a lot of delays and reverbs to create space.
  • TherapyA bouncy house track with a classic synth lead.
  • Neumatic SquareA 'harder side of house' track. Made with quite a few delays that give it a nice pumping feel.