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Josh Watson (Josh Watson)

Here's some songs I wrote as part of my long-going obsession with trying to better myself. Please comment on the songs if you feel you have anything to say about them, I love to hear feedback, good or bad, or even if you've just got a band to recommend that you think I might like, so I can try to get better. Thanks everyone who takes the time to listen, I hear about people who have enjoyed some of the songs and it really means a great deal to me when that happens, so thank you so much.

Inspiration: U2, Pink Floyd, Tool, Muse, Radiohead, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno, Deftones, Interpol, The Dears, Block Party, The Flaming Lips, Glassjaw, The Music, A Perfect Circle, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, The Verve, and more

  • Asleep at the WheelI had the idea for this song just in time for it not to be included on my EP, "A Collection of Beautiful Mistakes". That annoyed me at the time, but I'm glad now because I think it's my best song to date. The idea was fleshed out in the same week last summer as I did four other songs. The song is about not living your life, and just letting it run its own course without trying to get to where you want to be. Its also about how we can only ever look at the world through our own experiences, and therefore how important it is to share experiences with those that you love. David Eagle plays keyboards on this track.
  • Wax and WaneThis song came about from an experiment in adding immense amounts of reverb to Bass guitar chords. The whole thing came together over about three days last summer. Definitely the most eccentric piece from the new album, this song is about being afraid of change, and subsiquently making the same mistakes time and time again (hence the repetition of the first and second verses). It gradually builds in intensity leading up to a plea for help. Definitely a hypnotic song. The drum part is in 7/8, but is merely a rhythmic bed for the ethereal parts that build up over the top, and gets drowned out towards the end. The end section comes about from abuse of a compressor.
  • Cold and LonelyThis song was written in the same week as four other songs on the forthcoming album, and started off as a really slow industrial kind of sound-montage. The feel of the drums is still reminiscent of that, but the piece evolved to be much faster and more fluid. There are a number of strange samples mixed into the snare track to give it some extra snap on occasion, and the pitched percussive synth note is actually a tambourine. The song is about coming to terms with death, and how it eventually comes to us all, and we can either accept that or be jelous of those with more time left. It started as a rant against daft old guys but i think this is what i really meant when I wrote the words. Hannah Lack contributes vocal harmonies on this track.
  • Love is a Four Letter WordThis is one of the songs that I wrote over the same few days as most of the other ideas that form the nucleus of "Catharsis". It's about finding your own happiness, and how the world, and yourself, can never have any more value than the value that you assign to them. Sometimes that means you have to percieve an all powerfull being, that you can place yourself relative to, sometimes it means that you assign a part of your own psyche to that roll. Elainor Abrahams and Hannah Lack sing backing harmonies in this song, I tried to leave space round the instruments for the vocal backing to breathe, so this song is somewhat softer in tone than the other mixes.
  • Dissolving to DustThis is the last song I wrote that made it on the album, a piece about the end of the world. Its the song I'm most proud of, So I wont say much about it, it can speak for itself. Backing vocals at the end consist of David Eagle, Bill Gillies, Hannah Lack, and Andrew Patrick, thanks very much to them for doing that for me.
  • These Walls of GlassThis song was written by Alone With Us for our performance band last year. The verse chords started me off, then Jim and Dave E came up with the chorus chords. I complosed the lyrics and melody, then we fleshed out the arrangement as a band, which is definitely a thoroughly fulfilling way to work. The rest of the band were happy for me to record it for the album, and so I did so because the song means alot to me; it's much more directly personal to my own experience than some of the other songs, inspired by my best friend, who has suffered from M.E. for a few years. She's much better now. Hmmm maybe I've already said too much. This is a good example of how writing a song helps me get feelings out! Production wise, The vocals were recorded in the mixing studio with a 58, and the guitars were all tracked at home straight into my sound blaster card. I like the slightly murky tonality this produced, and augmented it by a number of reverb and ambience sends. My slide solo was good fun :D I love slide! David Eagle plays keys on this track, David Funnel plays bass, and Hannah Lack sings backing vocals
  • FaithNot to be confused with George Micheal's "faith"! This song is like the unloved middle child of my album, except every time I actually work on it I realise it's got a real life to it, and I like that. It started as one of those throw-away kind of riffs, then one day it inspired me to sing some lyrics over the top, and quickly build up an arrangement. The middle section I took from a previous, doomed, song. From there, it's gradually evolved to where it is now. Highlights include the morning I realised the lyrics were a bit crap on the way up to uni to work on its mix, having "DAT machine" tell me the same thing in nicer words, and causing me to come up with a completely new set of lyrics and melody in the mixing studio, with an SM58 plugged into the desk, over the course of about 10 minutes! The song is about someone who feels no compulsion to feel empathy or show kindness to the people they come into contact with regularly in their lives, hence causing confusion and hurting people who love them. It also deals with sprituality in a more roundabout way because my views there aren't cemented yet. As is always the case, I took this idea and constructed lyrics around it, rather than just telling the story in a literal way. My somewhat cheap and rubbish zoom guitar pedal produced effect-fodder for some nice synth like shimmers you can hear if you concentrate.
  • The InevitableThe chorus to this song came to me about four years ago, and was one of the first things I ever wrote. Last summer, I took it upon myself to finish what I'd started, and this piece is the result. I limited myself to one guitar part, and with the exception of the double tracked guitar solo, managed to stick with that. Guitar solo's don't come easily to me, so I'm pleased with this one, which is really the only time I really let myself go on the instrument over the course of the album. The lyrics in the chorus are about a girl that I fancied when I was 16 who didn't reciprocate but lead me on, so in that respect it's a rather dark piece, from fairly deep down in my head. I tried to bring it up to a slightly more mature level with some musings about loosing perspective on your ideas, and your position on life. That said, the song is really about having to stand by and watch someone move inevitably to the mistakes that you can see coming.