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Hello, I'm Jimbo, I come from a field in the middle of Suffolk, and perhaps that explains a few things. I'd like to thank my mum, my dad, God, my brother, my sister, Kt, and Shaun and Chris for makin this possible! I love you all!! Hi to everyone that knows me!!! I play drums for The American Quarter - so check it out! - and I've always sung in choirs n shit, as well as playin the piano. So thats all fun isn't it. All my songs are a collection of ideas as opposed to stone carvings, so if u feel u could add anything, or would like a go at changing anything, please ask. I have also just uploaded my 3rd year long study under the name Jim Leggett, so check it out!

Inspiration: quite a bit yeah.

  • Don't KnowThis is a basic simple recording of a song i hope to do a much better version of soon! hope you enjoy it, i'd love to hear what u think.
  • For Real (Jimatron mix)I had a play with Gary's track n this is what i ended up with. I like it, hope you do too!
  • So It SeemsBasically, Ktb and I were chattin on the way home one day and decided I should write a song, so I did. I would like to add that i've only been playing guitar for nearly 5 months now, so it's a big step for me. It took an hour to record and many thanks to kezza for engineerin it!!He's a star man!
  • For real surpriseThis is the most rediclious thing i have ever done, but its funny as. This is why u should never give Jim a recorder.
  • Perfect DayThis is a song i wrote with my new learnt guitar skills, utilising the drop D idea. The lyrics are crap, but i needed somethin till i wrote some cool ones. I;ll put drums on it next time we've got the kit set up. If u fancy doin a better mix, please feel give me a buzz. As usual, it's more a list of ideas than a fully rounded master piece. cool, enjoy
  • Gonna Go FarThis is a demo of the first track off of my 3rd year album. It's an interesting start and a different direction muiscally for me. Probably my fav so far, n all from the simple bass line.
  • SteveThis is a demo of another long study track, lots more to do here, including changing the melody of the lyrics, adding bass and drums, n some how makin it all work. Cheers fig n Kt for the opening few words!