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The Captured (Ben Evans - Larynx, Mike Temple - Guitar, Ally Scarlett - Bass, Kieran Rogers - Drums)

Formed by Mike and Ally in early 2004 as Hullabaloo with a different singer. We struggled to do much as a band without a drummer for about 6 months but after that time a friend of the band introduced us to Kieran who was immediately taken on as drummer. Shortly after that our singer quit but Ben stepped in literally 10 mins after we asked him if he could sing and we changed our name to The Captured. A couple of months later we played our first show to about 20-30 people in a corn shed at Mike's farm. Since then we have come 2nd at a local Battle of the Bands competition at our school and are currently planning on recording a demo/album sometime soon. Our style is quite unique and we don't fit into any particular genre because we write songs to fit with current mood so we do slow stuff, fast stuff, heavy stuff, soft stuff but we if we did fit to anything it would be a punk/hardcore crossover much similar to bands like the bled and alexisonfire. We're influenced by far too many bands to list and some would seem an obvious choice wheras some would seem ABBA. visit

Inspiration: Alexisonfire, The Bled, Funeral for a Friend, Deftones, Comeback Kid, Penknife Lovelife, A7X, Scary Kids Scaring Kids etc. etc.