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Dave Dark and the Sharks (Dave Dark and others?)

Dave Dark and the Sharks - A Brief History Dave Dark and the Sharks as an act came together in the latter part of 2005; a collective interest in electronic composition and performance. In actual fact there have only ever been two live performances to date from Dave Dark and the Sharks albeit with an incomplete lineup, neither performance was attended by the elusive Dave Dark who vanished before each event. The phrases "unavoidably detained" and "Dave Dark has left the building" were bandied about well before he even made it to the stage. This left Rich and Nick to hold the fort and quell a possibly disappointed audience, this was helped considerably by Captain Ants the event organizer who managed to lay his hands on at least twenty other bands to perform on each night as a diversionary tactic. The year 2006 got off to a good start with the respected BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank featuring the track "I've Resigned" a couple of times on his morning show; this again did not feature Dave Dark who had "business to attend to". The album "The Gazebo Effect" is in progress at this moment in time. Shortly after the last gig Dave Dark was in prison again, this time for aggravated pick pocketing. This time however was not wasted as our resourceful Mr Dark took up a course in Acupuncture which would hopefully stand him in good stead for a normal job upon his release. The only problem was that Dave did not complete the course before his release (last month) and only attained the accreditation level of Puncture which is basically Acupuncture without the accuracy element. Dave Dark and the Sharks will now be possibly be offering Puncture and abstract Tattooing at subsequent gigs. With recent attention mainly on the MySpace page Dave Dark and the Sharks have amazingly closed a deal with a music company, after leaping with joy and performing a rather silly and embarrassing dance Dave realised he would possibly no longer have to be selling knock off gear on the streets of Scarborough. His latest scam was selling items in the vogue of an inverse Russian doll theme with a Doctor Who bent, i.e he was selling Russian TARDIS dolls that started off small getting progressively bigger as you split them in half until you had the full size item! Putting them back together was the catch. You can catch up with him (unless you are the police) at The latest track recorded by Dave Dark and the Sharks (Man Alone) features spoken word from the legend that is Tom Robinson of War Baby and 2468 Motorway fame. Tom Kindly agreed to this reading after Dave threatened him at gunpoint, yet another night in the cells ensued ...........The story continues..