Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

Shit Hot Records Historical Archives

John Piper (John Piper)

A more serious side to Johnny Boy Roy.

Inspiration: Philip Glass, Zbigniew Preisner, Mark Oliver Everett

  • Dia TonicMusic for my sound for Picture Sequence. This work is influence from Philip Glass "Enistein on the Beach" Enjoy.
  • Improvised Piano Song OneSat down at the piano with two mics and played.
  • Improvised Piano Song TwoSecond song in the series, very relaxing to listen to.
  • Nick goldin - Soul Scubaif you like zapper mixed with a mature tom waits stired together with a hint on captin beefheart then forgotten about in the fridge, left to grow to a civilised mold in the shape of abe lincons mole, i think this might wet your appetite, agree. GOOD!!! now play. Nick wrote this song in a single night last year for a stupid song writing module, i liked it so i produced it to get a degree. enjoy.