Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Chris (Just me)

University of Hull, Scarborough Campus graduate in Creative Music Technology. Background story: Little adventures in Italy reaching as far back as fifteen years. - Vocalist - Guitarist - Saxophonist - Bassist I have been gaining experience as a sound designer for adverts and computer games wih a local agency. I am also a freelance producer and sound engineer available to artist who want to record their music.

Inspiration: Bjork, Air, Talk Talk, Superfurryanimals, Ben Christophers, Jeff Buckley and of course 'a secret'. However, I generally write songs inspired by whatever has recently cought my attention.

  • Blood-Red RosesJust a quick acoustic number.
  • Rumbling AlongInspired by the soundtrack to the spooky documentary 'Grizzy Man'. All instuments were recorded live.
  • Journey Of UsThis song was inspired by Angels and Airwaves. I decided to leave out the whole 'We're playing in a larger-then-life arena' effect (production-wise) as it is so easily exaggerated. Acoustic guitar and drums were recorded live without a click track to capture the vibe.
  • Lyra's DaemonPart of a project i'm working on with my brother, this is one of many tunes still to come that are inspired by the Trilogy; 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman. Everything was recorded separately at different takes on different days. I decided to throw paint to the canvas in terms of choosing the instruments and sounds. The editing was very extensive throughout which I usually tend to avoid because I like to capture the natural vibe of musicians playing together, but I am fairly pleased with the results. This will be part of the concept album I am putting together, so if you have any comments on this piece please let me know... I am very open to all forms of criticism. :-)