Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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dj reggwugg ()

from a distance they came.. in time.. out-of-time.. morning presents.. dj reggwug - the weapon of beat destruction, crunching the cogs of the machine, putting into reverse the "masters of chaos" work.. (naridian weekly) way back when... the day your lungs spluttered and you vomited your first polluted breath! Somewhere near the center of this decaying planet, a 'being' capable of the unknown, was edging closer to tha suface.. As the people of planet earth waited in desperation, in fear of a world with no fresh beats! dj reggwugg (already well known to 3.8% of the 3D universe) was given a soul from the almighty stenchbeast and arrived peacefully with his imagination ready to explore a new wave of vibrations with his debut collection of sounds - 100 cactus and a dentist - WOW! to be continued... tracks coming soooon...

Inspiration: milk