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David Eagle (David Eagle)

My name is David eagle. I have Blonde hair, blue eyes, and don't believe in reincarnation. I make music and coincidentally I have some of it to engratiate your ears with on this very website. Isn't that nice? I might write some more about myself when I'm feeling a little more egotistical, but I think I've covered the important things for the time being.

Inspiration: Henry the eighth! I think he's a wonderful composer. Greensleves is such an underrated song it really is. I don't really like any other music other than Greensleves by Henry the eighth. O why wasn't he knited? O yes, he was the king.

  • I believe in a thing called love (David Eagle remix)
  • Sister Abbey's in the abbey tonightA song about a group of nuns and their "habits". Its a true story. My grandfarther's a monk. No that doesn't work!
  • The library songIts probably fair to say I'm not the most studious student of them all and this is perhaps exemplified by the fact that I haden't opened my scanner (which I need because I'm blind, sob sob) and found there to be a book in it. It was a library a book I found, and when I got round to taking it back was horrified to recieve a fine. I regret to admit that I cannot remember the exact amount and have punished myself in an appropriate manner for my memory laps. Anyway, subservient to the library regime, I payed the fine but not without protest. So the librarians on scarborough campus think they are victorious do they? Not so my friends (although you probably hate me but still, poetic licence). I took my anger out on the piano (which explains why the second octave G doesn't work on it nowadays. Sorry!) and created my own version of events to wipe that smile off their faces hahahahaha! (Not that I could see it but still ...). Unite with me my good people and let us hear the fictional tail of "The library song". I think that was probably a bit too overdramatic an introduction but heyho!
  • Metaphorical murder