Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Grandad's Van (Nick Golding, Dave Owen, Marc Golding, Liam Jenkins)

Grandad's Van; four piece rock, blues and psychedelic band. Enjoy.

  • Earthquake BluesThe wheels were set in motion for this song at Liam's place, during the three day birthday-drinking-drinking-xbox-ninjafest-a-rama-2004. No guitars were required; just coming up with cool song titles. The sixteen bar blues for the solo sections, we particularly like.
  • Geezer DogThis is an oldie. Recently mastered. You can download it.
  • Skeleton BoneyardThis took so many takes it was disgusting. Named after Liam's ashtray. The two hand tapping on guitar at the end is inspired. Our first song that uses synthesiser, hopefully we will find more use for her in the future.