Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Sloppy Seconds and the Three Kazoos (Myk Horn (Kazoo and vox), Adam Flynn (vox), Nick Holbek (vox), Lee Richardson (guitar and vox))

From York in North Yorkshire. To be seen in comedy clubs around the area as well as open mic nights etc! First gig: NSDF2005 Open Mic Nigh WINNERS!

Inspiration: the voices...always the voices

  • Apple PieThis song is just very strange and the skat bit is really crap but its the only copy we have :)
  • Russian Song (whodjanickabollockoff)A translation of an old Russian folk song...riiiiiight. Nope! Actually written by our little love monkey Morgan. Thanx dude!
  • Please LouiseA beautiful song encompassing the reality of unrequited love...and bcoming a stalker. Accoustic guitar, 3part harmony and an arse-mealting kazoo solo in the middle! But not the final recording, jus a crap preview quality type thing wotsit! but still good!