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afro taxi (Jules Hill - Vocals, James Burge - Guitar, Mark - Bass Guitar, Dan Ottolangui - Drums)

A group of friends who all had the same passion for music, began their journey back in late November 2004 with a 5 piece line-up consisting of drummer-Daniel Ottolangui, guitarists-Jim Burge & Steve Gardener and two bassists, yes that's right folks-Joe James & Harry Deacon. All having an array of experience and exceptional talent, they started gigging as an experimenting, instrumental band. Soon realizing that they had a good sound together, led them to see an ad for a vocalist/lyricist..Jules Hill who, then joined at the beginning of Jan '05. Afro Taxi was formed soon finding gig opportunities and went off to record their creations with great success. They even landed a place in a local battle of the bands final after only two months of being together. In the autumn of 2005, Joe, Harry & Steve left to carry on their studies at University and the band went into hibernation for a short time until the final gig together at Riff's Bar, Dec 2005. 2006 became the rest-bite and saw James & Jules forming a successful duo 'Acoustic Taxi' giving them chance to hone in on their writing skills. Towards the end of 2006, the remaining members Dan, James & Jules decided to re-form the band and now in 2007 have found the excellent talent of new bassist 'Mark' Afro Taxi now slimmed down to a four piece are currently writing new material together and will be back gigging again this year. This is one journey you do not want to miss! They will be bringing back the funk in their special Afro Taxi way..

Inspiration: Tower of Power, Jimi Hendrix, Parliment Funk, James Taylor Quartet, Red Hot Chilli's, Sam Brown, Jamiroquai, Angie Stone, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Pearl Jam, Raul Midon, Plant Life, Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Black Bud,