Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Act Of Abortion (Craig-vocals. Ste-Guitar. Dave-bass. Heather-drums)

ACT OF ABORTION are an unsigned Preston based metal band who formed in Late 2004. The band has influences from Slipknot to Murderdolls to Disturbed, but ultimately found its own original way. The band was formed by its two founding members Ste and Heather before the arrival of Craig and Dave. ACT OF ABORTION recorded their debut CD "Suicidal Sacrifice" in Early 2005. The Band have had regular gigs round the Preston Area and hope to expand on there gigs in preston by going further afield to other cities! Its time to raise the flag of EVIL!

Inspiration: cradle of filth, disturbed, wdnesday13, murderdolls, trivium, kitty.