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The Variants ()

Bio: From the Land of Fish, Chips and Rock n Roll, a group Scarborians decided to get the boat rocking in 2004. The mentally not quite right five piece includes the chilled out Nick Butler on guitar, the eccentric John Thornton on Bass who promises to play a gig wearing only a kilt and cling film, Ad Mackenzie on drums, Si Vooght on keyboards and finally Darren Grant with the lyrics, vocals and signature Mohican! Since forming, the band has seen several changes, mainly involving drummers. However, since early 2005 with Adam transferring from guitar to drums and the introduction of Si and his synths in the spring, The Variants were finalised. Since then the band have progressed significantly and have recently performed at various venues around the region. With the late additions of the V-Van and Jenny the Generator, the adventurous act have developed a local reputation for Guerrilla Gigs, setting up at various outdoor locations at short notice! Having a cocktail of influences, its a unique blend or rock, indie and melodic punk that make The Variants hard to describe in black and white though interesting to listen to! The band recently spent their first weekend in The Pighut Studios, York and were released with demos of originals Feelings and Devil Inside. The band have great ambitions and are actively writing new material, with each additional track being more exciting than the previous! Seven months has seen significant developments, the seven to follow promise no less.

Inspiration: The list would go on forever - Have a listen to our track!