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Litso (Kieran Adler)

There's still no real direction to my tracks but I'm getting better. Got some recommendations (and only people who arent in the top ten are allowed) for y'all... First on the list would have to be the awesome Slovo who is led by Faithless's ex guitarist. Also, why not try Dan Aslet, for some awesome guitar led electronic stuff, or The Yellow What for some really cool folk/indie stuff all the way from Alaska and if you listen to him also check out The American Quarter who I'm producing at the moment! Also worth a mention: The Hushtones, Johnsy, Jools, Gregory, Oli Banks, Pass the buck (when they finally put some music on the site, in the meantime they are on myspace) and anything else on the front page is definately worth a listen.

Inspiration: more than i can list here