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Vivid Reasons (Mannerz, Quinny, Thom, Conan, Dan)

The roots of VR were planted in 2002 when Thom Mutch, Sam Quinn, Jon Massey met and started jamming in early school days. Later they grew, scouting a drummer and singer as new members. To improve the band, sacrifices have been made to the line up which is now: Mannerz (James Mainwaring) on vocals Awesome front man with a very powerful voice. Mannerz not only is a superb singer but is very talented in other music areas, such as saxophone, guitar and piano and many more. His singing is influenced by Chris Cornell, James Hetfield, Corey Taylor, Rob Flynn, Dave Growl and Barry white. Quinny (Sam Quinn) on lead guitar will definitely be a guitar legend one day, ripping solos while watching jaws drop at his impressiveness. His influences are Slash, Morello, and Steve Vai. Thom (Thom Mutch) on rhythm guitar and backing vocals another guitar legend and thom is the perfect band member, VR wouldnt have its unique sound without him, influences include Frusiciante, Thom Yorke, Hammet, Hetfield, Izzy Stradlin, Morello. At heart he is a true funk guitarist and has a ginger afro which is the source of all his power. Conan (Richard Connon) on Bass This guy is a genius not only at music but everything! Apart from writing the biography. He has only recently joined VR and has had a huge input in song writing since. He also plays trombone and piano. Dan (Daniel Wiebe) on Drums Amazing and very unique drummer. He describes his style as a fusion of jazz legends and rock prodigys. Influences Chad Smith, Jon Bonham and Rich Mitchell. Plus he loves the 80s. Also a superb guitarist. We would describe ourselves as a heavy grunge band, but we are developing our own style

Inspiration: Alot of different influences betweden the band ranging from, bands like Rage Against the Machine to Jazz legends