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L!(£ (Aung Kyaw Thinn)

$L!( - [Slice] (No thats not really my name.) Don't Try pronouncing Aung unless you're Burmese, Shan, or somebody who knows me. But if you're stumped at what to call me it's Al. I'm 20, just getting into music production, and listing a bunch of sentences together because,lets be honest, i'm stoned. Did GCSE Music badly, Taking the Sound Module in my Uni course, use a MicroKORG, Roland EG101, Reason, SoundForge, Cubase, FL Studio. I'm ussually out and about in the underground party scene in manchester. The MusicBox, Attic, and the Roadhouse are my top club recommendations in Manchester. Good for Slightlydellic Trance, DnB, and Breaks. I like cheesy game music, Grimey DnB, NuSkool Breakz, Dark Psytrance, Industrial, Mushy Melodic Trance, (sic) Ragga Breakcore, Classical IDM. amongst other stuff not relevant to this artist profile. Fuud is Guud

Inspiration: Astral Projection, BT, Hybrid, Aphex Twin, Videogames, Way Out West, Freestylers, Aphrodite , Freeland, Venetian Snares

  • Szpangel: Legion OspreyThe first proper game/club tune i've put together. my first serious ish track... basically for an assignment for level music in a scrolling shooter. Inspired from music from Ravage by AlphaHelix. A Journey through a soundscape of cooling of molten brass psytrance crystals being washed over by the slow tide of a breaky melodic current in a sea of bad mastering. Honest feedback would be quite welcome
  • Electron Bolt YF44 - Preview!!!Work in Progress!!! Gonna add a psytrancish melody over the top n stuff. ThunderCrashes and Lightning, Pixelated but with fuzzy lo-fi anti-aliased edges. cheesy woops served on a bed of plasma surge.
  • Blob Level Musicum... this really is rubbish... an attempt to make a raggae beat with happy hardcore with no prior experience.... sounds nothing like.. and really is terrible... Did it for a prototype platform game called blob... I Laugh You Laugh. I Cringe. You Cringe.. It isn't funny anymore.... Sonsequence. this one is for you... Just in case you never thought it possible to hear something worse than 'that' tune... ahem...