Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Evelyn (Jamie Saye (vox), Robin Allan (bass + backing vox), Tim Reid (lead guitar), Joe Graves (rhythm guitar), Dom White (drums))

Evelyn as we know it formed in late March 2004 after a battlefields trip to France and Belgium which the current lead singer and drummer and the ex lead guitarist went on. The ex guitarist and Dom White had already decided that they were to form a new band with the members Zac Seager, Joe Graves, Robin Allan and Dom White, but a singer was needed. Dom White had already been in a band with him and Zac a year before, but since then communications between him and Dom had broken down. With mediation between the candidate and Dom, he decided to join. The band then stood as Jamie Saye, Zac Seager, Joe Graves, Robin Allan and Dom White. The band went well for a while until Zac stopped showing interest in the band all together, until he was sacked by the band. As luck has it, at that time of Zac losing interest, the rest of the band were becoming good friends with another brilliant lead guitarist. As soon as Zac was fired, he was recruited. His name is Tim Reid. The band then decided upon a name and a gig to debut at. They chose the name Evelyn after the middle name of one of the friends of the bands, and did a gig at their school for charity in July 2004. Robin was beginning to have doubts about what he wanted to do in the band, and eventually left. Jamie then stepped up to start playing bass for Evelyn as if nothing had ever happened. Evelyn went 6 months without Robin in the band, until one night when Jamie and Robin were at a party together drinking copious amounts of whiskey and beer, and Robin picked up a bass that was next to him. Robin played for 30 minutes straight and didn't stop. The very next morning, Jamie rallied round all the band members and got him back in the band.

Inspiration: Metallica, Nightwish, cKy, Children of Bodem, White Snake, Fantomas, Type O Negative, Faith No More, Steve Vai, Mark Hopwood, Megadeth, Slipknot