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Dayve (Me, him and them)

I've been writing for eons now, and I've produced some grade A shite too. But, I think I've also done some stuff that I can be proud of. I've been in and out of bands for as long as I've been playing and none have been particularly similar, from soft rock to balls out metal, but I'm a rocker inside and that's what I write. Having said that, i love to play accoustic guitars and some of these songs will show that. Sometimes I just wanna rock out, sometimes something softer is required, sometimes I just wanna beat the shit out of something and metal music's all I listen to. Tools for the job really. Although I'm Solo at the moment (Yet again!) I'll put some band material on here sometime, as well as some unfinished work, to see what people think. Feel free to get in touch, and please be honest. I can take it!!

Inspiration: Pretty much anything that took some feeling, effort, and skill. Add a guitar and you've got me sussed.

  • Sex PestThis is the first song in a trilogy. Sex Pest describes the life of a prostitute, hounded and scared by the ever increasing demands of man named 'Mr Johnson'. He is the sex pest, not her. Though in this song I wanted him to come across as a bit perverted, check out the other two in the trilogy, 'The Excite4ment of Mr Johnson' and 'Dead/Calm'. If I've done my job right, he should come across as more and more eranged until he's just sickening. Then again, I wrote him, and what he does.....what does that make me? Cheers D P.S. Check out my 'Rage' homage in the mid section
  • The Excitment of Mr JohnsonThis is the second part of the trilogy. In this tune 'Mr Johnson is finding it more and more difficult to hold back. The lyrics are quite graphic too, but they had to be really, to fit the suject matter. it's not a great recording so you might have to crank you volume a bit, and please, bear with it
  • Dead/CalmThis is the third in a trilogy os songs (all in different styles) about a rapist. The first two are more about his growing obsession and the resistance 'Mr Johnson' puts up to his urges. In this song, he gives in and commits the act. Please, check out the other two, 'Sex pest' and 'The Excitment of Mr Johnson'. Cheers D